In the spring of 2007, four American teenagers graduate from high school. From diverse socio-economic backgrounds, geographic regions and families, these individuals have little in common except one thing: they have each been voted Most Likely to Succeed. Then what?


MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED follows and documents these young adults over the course of 10 years as they leave home and encounter the real world. Beginning at their graduations in 2007 and concluding in 2017, we watch as the subjects' dreams and goals turn into triumphs and setbacks, and their expectations become realities. The documentary is a bold experiment in filmmaking, melding cinema verité with personal interviews, and capturing a 10-year window of our subjects' lives with rare continuity, emotional honesty and intimate storytelling. 

What evolves is a portrait of this generation of millenials. Their decade has seen more social change than any other in our country's history — the economic meltdown, our first black president, the rise of social media — and they are redefining the idea of the American dream. They no longer desire the corporate job and the white picket fence; more than anything else, they genuinely aspire to be happy, find love and live authentically. 

The film becomes less about "did they succeed?" or "who has the best job?" and more an exploration on how this generation defines and pursues success.